The living room is that place of the house where people talk and welcome their guests. Hence, the surroundings of the living room should be warm, relaxing, and welcoming. 

To enhance the beauty of the freshly painted walls, many people add stunning and meaningful paintings. But, just buying a painting is not enough. When choosing the right painting for the wall, people should pick the one that goes well with the wall decor and complements the color and style, intensifying the aesthetic appeal of the living room. 

Indeed, a lot of thinking goes while picking up the right painting for the wall. So, before one head on to get a perfect painting, here are the few points that one can follow to pick an ideal painting for their living room. 

Points to consider while getting a painting for the living room

1) Keep the theme and style in mind

While selecting the painting, one should consider the theme and style of the living room. For example, a vintage living room with antique decor will go well with a painting that has a traditional style. 

So, before picking up the painting for the living room, one should keep the interior, style, and theme in mind to ensure the painting doesn’t look out of place. 

2) Must integrate well with room color

Picking up the painting that integrates well with the colors of the living room is essential. Moreover, the living room is the space that needs to be painted with warm tone colors that are welcoming and relaxing at the same time. 

3) Pick the frame carefully

As frames serve an essential purpose to grab the viewer’s attention, one should ensure that their paintings are framed well. Generally, gallery paintings don’t require any frame. However, for the people purchasing meaningful paintings, one must check for the frame that compliments the room’s style and color scheme. 

But, it is often better to experiment with the different looks and find the perfect piece for the living room. 

4) Adjusting the lights

People who wish to grab the guests’ attention can adjust the lighting to illuminate the painting. Further, the guests can try adding new lighting spots to the room. However, before one makes adjustments to their lightning, here are the things to be considered:

a) For an oil painting landscape, an intense spotlight helps to add an uninviting shadow. However, broader lightning will be better to accentuate the oil painting. 

b) In a few cases, a reflection and glare can create a lot of problems. So, people can use the non-reflecting glass frames and ensure the painting is not placed near the window from where bright sunlight enters. ‘

5) Optimizing the space

Picking up the painting with the right size is essential. For the proper optimization of the space, one should pick a painting that matches the size of the wall. Further, it is imperative to determine where the painting should be placed in the living room. So, pick a painting as per the wall size and amplify the beauty of the walls. 

6) Balance the visuals

Maintaining a visual balance in the living room is a necessity. Without the visual balance, the room can seem lopsided and uncomfortable to the viewers. 

It is suggested that the wall decor and the painting should match up to ensure the visual balance is maintained. A large size painting can work as a focal point and help one arrange the furniture around it, maintaining a visual balance.

Final Thoughts

For all those planning to buy meaningful paintings for their living rooms, the shared points will help them manage the decor and style of the space. So, next time you decide to redecorate the area, ensure to abide by these tips to amplify the look of the living room.