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The Madam (Sold)

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This fauvish loose work was inspired by both Picasso and Matisse. The concept came from watching a woman ninety years old who always sat down in the foyer of the apartment complex I lived in while in Corpus Christi. Each day she was by herself looking through magazines and waiting for someone, anyone who would bring her a fifth of vodka. And so instead, I gave her an attractive woman’s body. Still, I kept the empty chair that was always across from her. And where vodka was always on her mind, instead I gave her a cigarette with an elongated holder, that and the bowl of fruit which rendered her regal. The floor, I painted over exaggerated, pinks and reds, the walls, outlandishly splayed, numerous greens. And within the wall, a painting. And at the top, just a hint of blue.

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