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Child Behind Barbed Wire (Sold)

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Remembering Dorthea Lange’s work, a famous photographer during the forties I came upon this concept while in Guatemala. On the road I saw as I passed a child looking out from a corn field through a barbed wire fence towards the road. Yet as I completed the work, I felt this painting more represented confinement or being trapped, and it saddened me.
Seemly resolute in his helpless disposition, alone, stuck in the mire, too harshness a life. More his eyes told the story. The wire fence defined his situation. An exaggerated, fence, black highlighted in yellows and oranges. The background field another black, plants barely seen, a bluish gray. And further off, a recognizable semblance of trees, also black.
The child’s skin, yellows browns, reds and orange, hair black as night. His shirt, blue with gray stripes, a short sleeve.
Even today this scene haunts me.

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