The Growing Importance of Abstract Expressionism Art in Modern Civilization

In recent years, abstract expressionism art has gained immense popularity in the art world. This art movement involves the rapid and aggressive application of paint in an unconstrained way which shows the emotions of the artist. Large canvases and a large amount of paint are used for this type of painting. The expressiveness of this art method releases the ability and imagination of an abstract artist, so the emotions and thoughts behind each abstract expressionist’s painting are considered as important as the real final painted work.


Buying Various Types of Paintings from Abstract Art










David James sells abstract expressionism art paintings all over the world through the galleries in Houston, Dallas, Santa Fee, Taos, and Beaver Creek. His training stems from a deep appreciation of the works of Van Gogh, Matisse, Picasso, Tamayo, and Cezanne. He has an unending passion for art and literature and has an intense love for nature. Living and working in many countries as a construction worker, a Seven-Eleven employee, a restaurateur, a stock trader, a trader of museum-quality work such as Rolph Scarlett, he has written a book of memoirs, “Steps” —hidden bits and pieces of a life lived and told as fiction. He is a painter, the one thing that has kept him grounded.



In modern civilization, abstract expressionism art has become very popular, and its various types of paintings have won the hearts of people. Embellish your home with them!