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24” x 30” oil on canvas

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I had this dream for some time now. Where there were numerous clouds in slow motion, small ones of all shapes and sizes, somewhat aligned. Where the clouds were buttermilk in color and the sky a wonderful darker blue, a perfect contrast. Where above could not be distinguished from below. Where a body of water was so like a mirror, where to look to distinguish one from the other was impossible. And me, the tainted one, and my family, my perfect Madonna and our glorious son, we are placed in shallow water. And anyone looking on cannot distinguish whether we are of this earth or have already risen into heaven …and perhaps both. And the reflection has given us double bodies, head to feet and head again. And I, the Minotaur, unlike them is unfinished, not whole. But because God gave us each other, somehow the right of us together makes us perfect.

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