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Star Gazer

30” x 40” oil on canvas

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My family is joined on our front porch in the middle of Texas, a summer’s eve with hardly a breeze. Miz. Elliott and Jaden, from my mother’s side, our aunt and uncle, have just come for a visit. Jaden is a recognized fisherman of leisure and not the carpenter he professes to be, and she the perfect saint. They bring with them a most wonderful gift, an ice-cold, yellow-meated watermelon, one we have waited for since early afternoon.
In dark, two red-yellow tracers, lighted cigarettes, write signatures in empty spaces near where we sit. And outward, beyond the horizon, heavenly stars canvas the blue-black heavens; a bright, full yellow moon inches its way towards infinity. Fireflies, those fairies that carry lighted lanterns, flicker gold among the trees and along the lane out in front of our house.

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