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La Pieta

30” x 24” oil on canvas

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This is an important piece to me. Though I am not religious, I consider myself spiritual. And in this work, I am portraying what I feel from the magnificent sculpture, La Pieta, Michelangelo’s masterpiece, my contemporary recreation of his most famous sculpture. And where his Madonna is young and vibrant, the essence of woman, more a girl, beautiful, cool and serene. Mine, an old, dilapidated woman, sagging, no teeth to spare. Holding as best she can the Christ Son, her own. Where he, limp and blue in death, she, pinks, and in the center, a heart black, tormented, broken. Below two red, yellow spotted hyenas, they too wait their turn. Yet, above and to the right, a brilliant sun beams down, hope and goodness in this world of anguish.
And above on the hill Golgotha He is impaled upon the cross, a vulture waiting, like man wanting so badly to take him apart, devour him. And a dark cloud has descended around Him, depicting a wrongdoing, a great loss to the world. Yet, there is a prominent dove just behind depicting that peace is perhaps more so at hand than in any time. There too are yellow spotted hyenas below, prevalent still among the world, and they will always be. Above and to the right is the ever presence of the sun, light and hope.

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