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Madonna and Child (Sold)

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Always, I have wanted a very particular Icon, one I could never afford, one three hundred years old, it comes from Russia. And so, through the love of my new family and my new style work, finally I have what I want. She, from a portrait, our first encounter with America, in Texas, freshly together, truly a Madonna. She with a pinkish glow, golden hair, French blue eyes, mouth, full and rewarding, a dark, dark red. A gold cross made in Jerusalem, bound by a black silk lace about her neck. A sack cloth gown. Above, a golden halo, and to the outer rim a trace of blue with only two stars showing, her heavenly crown. And about her arms, the child of God, my son, shades of blue. Pink, purplish hair, dark blue eyes, ruby lips. Him, tranquil and God touched. He, wrapped in rich red clothes. About his head a large golden halo, rimmed with solid blue, stars aplenty. And behind them both, spectrums of light, yellow gold, green and sienna.

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